all-event interactive entertainer specializing in holidays & themed shows...

ENTER - tainer Trina!



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As a child, Trina's greatest passion was music,
and she began performing musical and comedy skits at an early age.
Through her formative years she was trained in theater, guitar, flute,
and vocal training with Metropolitan Opera star Frances Yeend.
She has been in the entertainment field ever since.

Trina has traveled the country
fronting showbands, big bands, and her own bands,
headlining show rooms from New York City to Atlantic City to Puerto Rico.
She has performed internationally in main room resorts with house orchestras,
and toured with her dance single, "In the Heat of the Night".
She has done jingles, voiceovers and industrial commercials,
and since establishing her own company TJ Productions,
 she writes, arranges, performs and produces promos
in addition to her own original songs, in her studio.
She performed her musical show regularly in New York venues,
from cabaret rooms to concerts, while living in Long Island,
and in 2009 she moved back to her home-town in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Trina formed "DJ And More"
for party planners who choose to feature a specialty act in addition to a DJ.
Trina's "show within the event"  triple-threat abilities can do it all.
Trina's shows are all totally self-contained! 
 Trina's one-woman musical act embodies many performance talents.
Her shows are each original & unique, visual & versatile,
 lively & spontaneous, energetic & interactive, serious & comedic.
You are bound to see a whirlwind of costumes and props, as well.
And while other entertainers have a show, Trina has numerous shows--
one featuring every holiday, as well as dozens of other themes.
 Exuding a fun-loving personality and a crazy exuberance
likened to Robin Williams, Celine Dion, Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball,
Trina's  performances are a favorite among everyone
from children's parties to sweet 16s to the young at heart seniors.
Audience descriptions of Trina's dynamic performances include:
Over the top, larger than life, ever-ready bunny, flower in a windstorm,
energy bouncing off the wall, force of nature, and full of go-power.
Trina's shows are available for nightclubs & all occasions,
from backyard birthday parties to corporate affairs and other group events.
Trina's performances create a buzz and an afterglow, leaving everyone feeling GREAT!